What are the Best Practices for Web Design 2014

Just like any other trend, various web designs come and go and only those who survive the fleeting attention span of their audience survive. 2013 has been a colorful year for both web designers and the expectant online entrepreneurs who hired them. Those who clearly understood what their target audience wanted and needed made tons of cash, while those who didn’t, well, crashed and burned.

According to Forbes, website design pros predict that 2014 will most likely go with simple, responsive and story- telling designs.

Simple design. This refers to the ability of your website to send out the message to your target audience in a matter of seconds, without them having to squeeze their brains trying to understand what you’re trying to say. Simplicity of course does not imply that you put on boring, generic, images. On the contrary, they are brief, yet very powerful and captivating.

Responsive Design. On the other hand, this talks about the importance of your prospective buyers and how your website design can make life easy for them. Bear in mind that a big percentage of your visitors see you from their smartphones. What looks good in your desktop may be too big or impossible to navigate using their mobiles; so make sure you hire a seasoned designer who can do the job right.

Story-telling design. This is where you play with fun and strong imagery while presenting a very interesting story about your company. Again, the attention span of your audience is extremely short, so make sure you can accomplish this and impress them in no more than thirty seconds, tops. This can be a bit of a challenge but it’s definitely worth the effort and every penny you pay the web designer.

There will be more variety on the web design 2014 trends because of people’s insatiable appetite for fresher and more innovative campaign trends of their favorite products and services. So, who will emerge on top this year? You will just have to wait and see.


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