Celebrating Your Birthday in True Celebrity Fashion

party 4

 Once in every year, everyone becomes entitled to honor oneself, i.e., the day you were born. But, alas, the older you get, the lesser it becomes exciting to put on a celebratory ambiance. Perk up that mood by living it up like the rich and the famous whose expensive birthday bashes have made you green with envy ever since. It’s time to treat yourself in a celebrity-style birthday party and be the star of your own show.

Who’s Who in the Guest List

Of course your family and friends will be there to fill up the space. But, everyone knows it’s not the number; it’s who came! So, start being cosy with that kid who tags along with the town mayor’s son and find a way to invite them. You may not like them, but their presence in your party will elevate your social climber status.

party 2

The Venue Speaks for Itself

If the backyard is not a fitting place to accommodate your celebrity guests, take the party to another level by renting a place. We’re not talking about any place – it’s The Place! Rent out the ritziest club with a reputation as the party venue where society people bash and hobnob with your guests throughout the glitzy night.

Serenade with Live Music

Get rid of that hoi polloi image by staying away from iPod music or hiring a tipsy DJ spinning unfamiliar remix. Stir up some heat by considering a live band with a celebrity status in their own right – a group that can keep everyone kicking up their feet to hot rhythms all night long.

part 3 Bring in the Ultimate Party Entertainment

Good entertainment is always an element to every good party. With that in mind, never let your guest list experience a single moment of ennui during the night. Talk to companies that have plenty of ways to boost the party and make it an arena of endless fun and energy. Raise the bar by bringing tons of rock star effects like laser tag, mobile video game theaters, ride simulators and many more to keep the party mood high.

Hire Professional Help

There is one rule in throwing a birthday party the way celebrities do: never lift a finger to do the work yourself! The key is to outsource the labor and hire people to dirty their hands so you can stay calm and fresh as you go around entertaining the guests. In the end, your guests will be impressed at how organized the party is, assuming it costs you a fortune to hire all the professional help.

Pamper the Guest in Style

You can do better than send out invites with a directional map to the venue. Hire a limo service to escort your guests to and from the party. Obviously this is not a cheap way to attain a celebrity status, but if you’re aiming for it, you’ve got to be ready with a fat check like a real trouper.

Party like Crazy

A party heats up once the semblance of order is lost. Partygoers love to shed off inhibitions amidst noisy crowd and messy space. Give it to them if it’s chaos they want. Rent a smoke, foam, or bubble machine to let everyone lose their remaining sanity. For just a night, everyone mutates to childhood fantasies. All the revelries will take a long time before everyone forgets your overnight celebrity status.

Welcome the Paparazzi

Celebrities play hypocrites when they say they hate it when people focus cameras on them. It’s still publicity – whether good or bad. If you’re partying like a star, position a photo booth at the entrance of the venue and have your guests get their pictures taken in different poses and costumes. They will not only enjoy being in the limelight, but they’ll have something to take home as a souvenir.

Birthday Gift Shower

Celebrity parties feature a portion when gifts are showered by patrons and sponsors from all sides. Have your moment by allowing the guests to line up as they present their gifts to you. Even if you’re the main star of the night, you share the glory with your donor when they walk away from a brief exposure to fame.

party 1

Have your Cake and Eat it too

When the time has come to blow the lighted candles on the cake, insist that the number of candles does not accurately represent your age. You heard it right. Lie about your age with a poker face! That’s how celebrities do it with great aplomb and that’s the way to throw a birthday party in true celebrity fashion.


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