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How to Manage Customer Engagement through eMail Marketing


In this era when everything can be accomplished by a single click of the mouse, a business company stands to benefit in terms of maintaining or expanding relationship with customers. This relationship is defined by how a customer is involved with the company for whatever reason considered advantageous to both parties.

Keeping customers engaged does not require obtaining specific information about them. What is important is to provide the right products, services, and tools to help them decide if they want to be engaged with the company at any level – whether on a continuous, transactional, casual, or just on occasional basis. Many companies are now discovering the advantages of effective customer engagement strategies primarily in disseminating product information and gathering feedback on the same. One of these strategies is email marketing.

There are at least 10 benefits of email marketing making it a tried and tested tool used by thousands of businesses for sharing their website content. One successful example of emails every marketer should consider sending is eNewsletter. Apart from being useful for driving web traffic, it allows a company to reach a wide audience at lower cost than other marketing methods.

Here are some tips to optimize the value of eNewsletters in distributing web content

Allow customers to see a sneak peek of the newsletter. Pique their curiosity by displaying a portion of the company newsletter in your website. The preview will stimulate their interest in reading more about product features or upgrades. Nail it down by placing the membership form adjacent to the preview. Now, all they have to do is fill out the form and click send.

Create a professional-looking newsletter. You may want to take advantage of free email marketing templates in the Internet to make your own newsletter. However, if you want to provide it with professional polish, consider hiring the mavens to achieve the desired result.

Create a link to your archive. Keeping a library of past issues does not only extend the life of your content, but it is also a useful SEO tool. When people get access to the archive, they can evaluate your record as a credible authority in delivering worthy contents.

Promote the newsletter. There are various ways to advertise the newsletter after establishing its landing site:

  • Make the subscription form visible on your home page. People tend to linger on the first things they see than those located deeper in the website.
  •  Use other social media accounts in advertising the newsletter. Encourage your friends and their friends in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites to sign up the subscription form contained in your networking account. Add the link to help them locate the landing page for more information.
  • Create a link at each blog post. People who find your posts valuable are potential subscribers if they can easily access the subscription form.
  • Create a widget to enable people to share your content. Some people clicking on the widget can become a chain reaction of sharing the news you want the world to know.

Unlike mainstream newsletters and postal mails, eNewsletter is a low cost option to maintain relationship with customers and keep them engaged. This marketing strategy helps business owners to better understand customers’ needs and enable them to effectively provide a fulfilling response.

Increase your hold on your audience by contracting out the services of competent writers to help your business create an eNewsletter that can speak for your products or services. Before you know it, customers will be asking to receive a copy regularly.