ABTIK Writers is a multi-disciplinary, multi-generational pool of writers who have been brought together by a love for writing. We are therefore able to offer the following services with the added value of depth and a dedication to quality.

  • We do blogs in the style you want because we have young writers whose style is fresh and bouncy; we have mature writers from the academe; we have people with legal backgrounds; people with science and health backgrounds; and people who are engaged in business.
  • We do content writing with a difference because we do not use spin software. Instead, our work is original, imbued with authentic perspective.
  • We write personalized speeches and messages for publications you are invited to contribute to.
  • We will write for you and with you when you have the purpose and the ideas but need someone to supply the words.
  • We edit term papers and articles for publication.
  • We can create e-newsletters or bulletins for you and your clientele.
  • We write advertisements, product descriptions, and critiques.

A lot of reflection and effort will go into the work you ask us to do because we take pride in our products.




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